Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes, LET'S!

There's a store (if you can call it that) next to my apartment called "Let's Dress Up", which for the longest time I thought was a money laundering front for a drug dealer because it was never ever open (or because I've been watching too much Weeds). Anyway, I finally walked by it on the weekend when it was open and it turns out it's a place where little girls dress up and attend themed parties every Saturday (June is Mermaid month). But the place is so small that the parents just all wait outside with their Maclaren strollers and Starbucks lattes, while their little Ariels prance around inside. And the store has these lacy curtains that are always drawn shut so it's uber dark in there.

Basically the whole concept gives me the creeps and just seems to scream pedophilia.

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